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Chuck FreelsSince I have been in the sign industry for over 30 years – from when Judie and I met at her parents business – I have been a part of the many phases of the LED Display ‘world’.  I am sure that this has spurred my deep love of this particular type of signage and lighting.

After we got married, Judie started her own business, which I decided to join in with her,  and things just grew and developed from there. . . . Especially our children.  We have been blessed with five beautiful children with whom I am very proud.  Judie and I still work together and after all of these years – and we still make a great team!

While being a husband for over 32 years, and parent for over 29 years – has been an extremely rewarding part of my life, I have also been very grateful that I have been able to be a part of an extremely exciting business.   But the best part is that I am able to share this passion with my wife, and now four of my children – all of whom have become a huge part of our business.

I also love being a part of educating and helping people understand the difference between the array of products being offered on the market right now.  After all, it is a Buyer Beware market, and if not properly informed on what is the best product for your individual needs, you will not be getting the most for your money.

One of the things I enjoy most about how I conduct my business is that I like to consider myself a Mentor for all of my Clients.  Throughout my life I was fortunate to have different Mentors in many aspects of my life, and seeing how it has added great value to helping me move past and through knowledge barriers – it is just one of the ways I like to contribute to fellow sign people.

I look forward to meeting you and consulting with you on your specific projects.  

Chuck Freels

I fell in love with the sign business when I was very young due to being brought into my fathers sign shop and working for him doing any and all odd jobs that came along. As I grew, so did my love for the industry. I was fortunate to marry someone who loves the business as much and I do. I feel that our love for what we do shows through with all of jobs that we do for our  Clients.

As our About Us page mentions, we have brought this site to you with hopes that you can become better competitive with selling LED Displays and the pricing we can provide to you.

As for the other aspect of our business, we have  expanded our company with providing Industrial / Commercial grade, interior and exterior  SSL / LED Lighting and LED Display signs.   Having the deep feeling of gratefulness that providing this type of GREEN alternative to our customers – will also help our World, makes it such a great direction for my company to embrace.

Plus, it brings me great joy to now know that our five children have developed this love for the industry too, and I am very proud to have the benefit of working with them along with my husband.

When I am not working on my business, I am usually reading what I consider the ‘classic’ books by Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, and other thought evoking types of authors.  During the summer though, I really enjoy gardening and just being outside doing projects of any sorts.

Feel free to contact me, or anyone else in my company.  We love to educate our Clients so that they feel secure knowing that the LED products we recommend are not just a ‘quick fix’, but they are an extremely long term solution to helping you grow your business.

I look forward to getting to know you!!

Judie Protesto Freels   

Born into the sign industry; I still remember playing on roof tops and ladders as a toddler. This took a more literal meaning throughout my years before college as I helped my parents with many jobs in between school. At the time I did not want to work with signs all my life, so I went to college concentrating in marketing and business to find something better. That led me to bartending while I was in school trying to find my path.

Over the years I have seen many new products and techniques in the sign business, but it was as my parents became more and more into LED Displays and LED Lighting that working with them sparked an interest in pursuing this as my career. I was and still am always concerned with better technology, specifically ‘green’ technology.  Since it has always been my intention to get into solar and wind power, and with learning more about LED Lighting, the opportunity to work with my parents has been too good to be true.

I started going to trade shows and on sales calls, learning everything I could while I was bar-tending on the side. After becoming fully involved in the technology offering products from A-Z, I moved on from bar-tending and have been full-time in sales and marketing – But yes – I still know how to make a mean drink. 🙂

This profession is very rewarding when all is said and done. I am happy to be involved and help as many people and companies as I can. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.

Chaz Freels

As you may have figured out already, signs are in our blood!

Growing up with parents who owned their own sign company was an enriching experience to say the least. In the few jobs I have had since high school my employers are usually surprised at my random knowledge of most everything need to get any job done. Growing up in that environment made me a jack of all trades, and I am very grateful for all the experience it has given me. 

After graduating from the University of Virginia at Wise with a Bachelors in Business I continually said “I don’t know what I want to do with my life” ~  ‘Career-wise’ I was lost.  All I knew was I wanted to do something awe-inspiring and innovative ~ And LED Signs was that for me.

Most of what I do through Your Signage Source is with being a Marketing Representative which involves taking care of the Social Media Communication, I do some of the Website Development,  along with being an Accounts Manager.  But since we are growing, I am sure my duties will develop into more new and exciting aspect.

Thank you for choosing Your Signage Source.

Please don’t ever hesitate to call or email me.

Sammie Freels Bolinsky

Ever since I was young, I remember being a part of my parents business.  Helping with different projects was always fun, and I was fortunate with learning a lot of things which ended up coming in useful as I grew.  I consider myself lucky that my parents shared so much of their day around the dinner table, which gave me my love for their business – and business in general.

Now I am able to contribute on a much higher level.  I am extremely active with marketing and building the website which I feel is not only such a useful tool, but it helps educate everyone as well.  I enjoy the projects I am involved with since they are much more intense and let me challenge my creative side.

The even more exciting part was being an active collaborator with inventing C.A.S.P.E.R..  It was so much fun watching the four of us work so well together and bounce ideas off of one another that ended up creating such a wonderful system and program.  To take one simple idea and turn it into a goal of helping so many people is very humbling.

Thank you for looking at my profile, and hopefully I will get to know you better soon.

Brandi Freels

Since I was young, I have been around my parents business vince-freels-your-signage-source-wholesale-led-displays-video-department-2helping out with odd jobs. While I was growing up, I knew I wanted something different in my life; I didn’t want to be creating and working on signs as my professional career.

As a result, after I graduated High School I ventured forth in my academic career and went to College in order to discover what it is that I am passionate about.

During my first years of college, at the University of Virginia’s College at Wise, I had no clue what it was that I wanted to pursue as my major; I had settled with getting a business and marketing degree because I felt like it was a smart move towards the future.

Through the many business and marketing classes that I attended, I was still unsatisfied. I knew that there was something different that I wanted for myself; I just hadn’t discovered it yet. It wasn’t until the end of my sophomore year that I realized I had always dabbled with film and creating videos; it was my biggest hobby.  In turn, I decided to focus in and further my knowledge in the video works.

As I finished my years in college, I had honed my skills with the camera and editing software to a very proficient point and even developed an interest in motion graphics and animation. It was this point that my parents had started to migrate their sign industry towards the LED displays that are becoming ever so prominent and convenient in today's (and tomorrows) society.  

With the inclusion of LED displays into my parents sign industry, I found my niche.  Working with my parents as the media technician, I am able to explore my passions to even greater lengths; designing and producing numerous slides and templates that will be used and displayed across the globe to help make the world a more informed and better place for everyone.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and what we do here at Your Signage Source! I am exited to work with you in any of your future endeavors with us!

Vincenz C. Freels ~ Vince

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