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Leasing or Financing – The Smart Business Move!


Leasing or Financing is an excellent way to help your clients maintain a fixed monthly expense while letting your clients get all of the benefits of LED Displays and other Signage.  And because of that, we provided leasing and financing information as another way for us to help provide you with a total solution to help ensure your Businesses success.  

Leasing also enables your clients to put in all soft costs as well; such as installation, permits, shipping and other costs related to obtaining the Benefits.

Your Signage Source has Partnered itself with Ascentium Capital LLC in order to provide the best possible Leasing or Financing Rates for your Clients.  We do not benefit from this Partnership other then knowing that we have provided another Tool for you to use during your Sales process.

Ascentium types of Business and/or Non-Profit Organizations, Municipalities, Government, and other institutions, to help ensure your approval.

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Your Signage Source does not profit from this referral in any way – We have put together this connection because Ascentium Capital LLC  works very well with all Business types,  Non-Profit Organizations and Municipalities. 

Additional Information

Benefits of Leasing

* Fixed Payments and Terms
* Total Financing – can include soft costs
* Tax Benefits – may be tax deductible
* Conserves Capital
* Avoid Obsolescence
* If it Depreciates, Lease It

Advantages of Leasing
Other Perks

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