K8 and KB Line Quality Parts and Components


Our K And KB Line Outdoor Units are SMD Single RGB LED Displays,

and we provide both of these 8 Year Warranties:

Comes in Typical Single Sided LED Displays Cabinets - AND - Double Sided LED Display Single Cabinets

The 8 Year Parts Warranty

Standard Manufacturers Parts Warranty

Under normal situations, the standard 8 year warranty covers the sign cabinet, and all necessary parts in the cabinet such as LED modules, receiving card/control card, power supply, fans etc. Any optional 3rd party parts are covered under those manufacturers parts warranty.

PLUS – The 8 Year Quality Warranty

                                              What is this?

If any of the below happens; The LED Display gets replaced – and you get a new 8 year warranty. 
They are borderless and are available in both front or rear access.


Outdoor LED Display
Grade – A Parts and Components

6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, & 16mm SMD Modules



Full Color single SMD RGB Modules.

All of our K Line outdoor SMD modules are a single SMD that is RGB (Full Color).  They are front and rear accessible for service using an Allen Key.  They have a 140 x 140 viewing angle, and is a self-designed module.  The housing and louver’s Module Components create create great viewing effect and provides high contrast.  High quality Anti-UV material which offers high resistance to extreme weather (hot and cold) and dust, and are easy to change. 

This is for outdoor 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 16mm SMD outdoor K Line LED Displays.

MeanWell Drivers
PCB Board
Drive IC
1% Tolerance SMD Resistor
Rubycon Capacitor
Pure Copper wire and cables



Pure Copper wiring is used throughout which conforms to international standards. Anti-oxidation capability and conductivity are better than non-standard wires. This provides easy sealing use, little resistance, and the power consumption of heat loss is lower.

Signal Connectors
Standard Cabinets
Power Connectors
Neutrik CAT6 Cable Connector
Network Cable and Crystal Connector
Stainless Steel Hardware
Hub Board

Production and Quality Control



Hydraulic Pressure water jets simulate heavy rain conditions testing the resistance of the cabinets to a greater extent. Cabinets and modules are IP65 Certified.



Vibration Testing. Analog display simulates vibration that occurs during transportation, ensuring high quality performance once installed at your location.



In factory 120 hours full white aging and 12 hours video testing. We perform more demanding test conditions to ensure the operation for the life of your Display.



In factory testing provides more than 7 days with full load testing; fully guarantees the reliability and stability of all components.



We use the Chroma meter (CS100A) to do the white balance testing on LEDs. Brightness and color range endure rigorous testing to ensure compliance brightness and color uniformity.   Color temperature requirements meet D65.



Both the doors and the main frame are Grounded. This ensures complete product grounding. In case of lightning the grounding directs the current into the earth in time to ensure the safety of the Display. Earth grounding during installation is mandatory as well.


** Conventional thinking is that 10,000 nits is what the nits brightness should be.  However it has been proven that 8,000 nits is more than bright enough in direct sunlight, plus has the advantage of not causing the LED’s to degenerate at a faster pace, overwork the LED Drivers, or cause unneeded overheating.  Thus making it a better long lasting LED Display product.

In addition, it makes the LED Display more energy efficient.

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