R Line ~ Street and Way Finding LED Banners

 Also great for:  Business Information Boxes, Shopping Centers, Church and Organization Parking Lot Updates,

College Campuses, Corporate Campuses, Parking Garages, etc....


Our R Line single sided LED Displays are unique, eye catching, sleek and elegantly designed for Street and Way Finding Banners. 

These SMD LED Displays are perfect for many different circumstances such as replacing outdated static Light Boxes on main streets, parking lot entrances for Churches, Business Information updates, and other locations where updated constant information will help with directing people and increasing Sales.

With your choice of 6mm or 8mm ~ the images and graphics will be  a high quality crisp result for whatever your customers put on them.

This is a One-To-Many LED Display, meaning that you have complete control through a Cloud Based Software allowing you to update all LED Displays at once.

Say Goodby to the high costs and time consuming challenge of sending out Crews to change those weather torn banners.

Enjoy the time relevant beautiful graphics and information that will now grace your streets and establishments.

Check Out Some of the Features!



One computer for more than one LED Displays, keeping all the LED Displays easily programmed, up to date and synchronous.


Easy Front Service

Quickly service the LED Display by the use of a simple Allen Key and two screws for efficient servicing.


IP65 & IP43

Our R Line Unites are IP65 and IP43 Certified making them Water Resistant.  We also provide a 2 Year Parts Warranty.


Easy Installation

You can put it on existing poles, or you can install your own pole(s) - typically from sizes 3.5" up to 5"  - where ever you want...... either way it is an easy quick installation.


Use Existing Poles

Here is an example of an installation on an existing Street Light Pole.  This makes for an easy installation.


Media Player

The Media Player helps you interconnect with all of the LED Displays for synchronously making all LED Displays play simultaneously for better visual effects and viewing enhancement.

Even though you can use the Cloud Based Software ~ You can ALSO use LED Studio,
LED Editor or NovaStar Software if you choose as well!

Check Out the Cloud Based Connectability


Real-Time Connectivity

  • WiFi / 3G / 4G connecting to cloud system
  • Users can log in via Windows system laptop, Android system tablet, IOS tablet, smart phone, including iPhones & iPads, remotely to control real-time led display(s).

Check Out the Specifications


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